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WASHINGTON Home Care LLC (CT HCA.0001654) dba Washington Homemaker Companion Registry is located at 1 Kirby Rd. in Unit 7 on Washington CT's historic green. The role of a Homemaker Companion Registry is to connect independent contractors who offer homemaker companion services to service seekers.


As per 2023 CT Department of Consumer Protection Guidelines, the services that are allowed by Washington Home Care LLC's DCP credential are limited to:  



Assistance with

  • laundry

  • grocery shopping

  • cooking

  • household cleaning

  • personal hygiene

  • dressing

  • showering

  • toileting

  • medication reminders

  • companionship such as card playing, puzzles, conversation, walks, games, errands




We coordinate services for individuals in need wherever they may reside.  


Service providers receive guidance, scheduling, management and direction from our client.


WASHINGTON Home Care LLC is not the employer of the service provider.  Hourly rates are negotiated directly between the service seeker and service provider.


WASHINGTON Home Care LLC charges $8.00 per service hour rendered by the service provider, for the duration of the engagement with our client. 


To retain WASHINGTON Home Care LLC, a Deposit, a signed Arrangement Agreement and an in person meeting at the home are required.   


To be the first phone call for certified registry hourly or live in home care.




Washington Home Care LLC is unwavering in terms of a moral compass: doing right, showing up, being reliable, fostering connection and community, leaving no one behind.



Washington Home Care LLC honors the dignity of every person. If financial constraints, we will do all within our ability to identify and refer proper Litchfield County and State of Connecticut resources to address any help requested.


Washington Home Care LLC forges the right relationships to promote the common good


We're a team at Washington Home Care LLC. We are friends, service providers, connectors. We show up for each other, we act with empathy, we bring our authentic selves to work every day. 

What is Washington Home Care LLC?

Washington Home Care LLC dba Washington Homemaker Companion Registry is a community asset. This Registry is independently owned and operated. The aim is to meet the growing and unique demand of individuals who desire or require non-medical in-home service.


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