"Physical Distance Fire Pit"

Updated: May 6, 2020

High Point May 4

The set up is 6' apart. Two of us stoked the fire pit from 7:45p-9:45p. We remained seated safely apart while wind gusts occasionally deafened our voices. There was lots of laughter. Light breezes shifted and there were occasional bursts of energy. The birds chirping loudly as night fell, likely indicating the danger of that fire pit, sounding their warnings to their friends, family, and neighbors. As night fell, it was an honor to be listeners to the teen & 20-something's perspectives. The 'take away' tidbit was for me, how they seem convinced that our aging culture will be forever changed. Their sense was that families are least likely to place loved ones in elder care homes after our nation lifts social restrictions, after we learn to live with a novel virus. They imagine a day when families return to multi-generational living. The greatest shock to them, these young adults, seems to be the photos of elders, locked in, behind windows, communicating through glass to family on the outside.

Low Point - May 4

Those wise elders, isolated from the physical proximity and affection of their loved ones.

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