"Bristol CT's Shady Oaks 'Bubbling Up' To Keep COVID-19 Out Of Long-Term Care Facility"

Updated: May 12, 2020

High Point - of the week

Please welcome my enthusiasm for this Bristol, CT business I'm compelled to play bugle for from any Mountain Top. The business owner is Tyson Belanger. Tyson launched a Pilot Project on 3/22/2020. His ideal is that the pilot project becomes national policy and that other nursing homes and assisted living campuses benefit from federal support moving forward. Tyson calls his March 2020 project "Bubbling up". Tyson made a safety commitment to every Shady Oaks Assisted Living resident and associate. He's paying substantial hazard pay to his aides, nurses, and the chef who agreed to move onto his property (away from their own families) during CT's shelter in place order. Like Tyson's staff, his call to service is paramount. After he graduated Yale, he served several tours as a Marine. When he returned, while attempting to process 'What went wrong' during his tours, he went to Harvard and earned a PhD. His sense of service and duty brought him back to his family in Bristol, CT where he purchased his parent's business, Shady Oaks Assisted Living LLC, established in the mid 1970s when it was 1 of only 2 Assisted Living communities statewide. Tyson is modest and asks not to be called a hero. By Friday this week, I'd been reading and hearing more of Tyson (on NPR, on MSNBC, in the NYT) so I and emailed him to tell him "Tyson, if I cannot call you a Hero, I can call you 'Captain America'." It is so refreshing to read about the actions Tyson has taken. Like Tyson, I too had been watching Life Care Center of Kirkland closely in Seattle, Wa. He admitted to losing sleep observing their crisis. Early March, I too would wake and search for news to learn if the families had held a press conference yet. We knew there was a crisis inside, yet we'd not heard from families. Back to Tyson - he gave up his own home to his CNA staff. He moved (5) campers onto his property for the nurses and his chef. 17 members of his staff and Tyson moved onto the property of Shady Oaks to avoid commuting on and off property and to avoid the probability of asymptomatic transmissions. It's now May 9th 2020. Tyson and his staff have been working 60-80hrs per week. His healthcare workers have committed to 10-weeks total, Bubbling up until June 1st, having isolated since March 22. To learn more about Tyson Belanger and Shady Oaks Assisted Living LLC:




Low Point - of the week

As of Wednesday May 6th, in CT there have been 1,627 lab-confirmed and probable deaths linked to the virus among nursing home patients, accounting for nearly 60 percent of the state’s 2,718 deaths as of that day, the new data showed. Last week’s data indicated nursing home deaths represented about 57.6 percent of statewide fatalities.

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