It was 1999 when The Story of Us (film) was released. At that time, we had a 3yr old and a 1yr old. That 3yr old dominated dinner table conversation. She's 23 now. She would not mind me sharing that she can still dominate our dinner table banter. To allow her then timid younger sibling uninterrupted time, we adopted the practice of sharing "High / Low" from that 1999 film. While the 1yr old was that young, shares were "Ball, Birds, Bike, Apple, Cheese...". It became a regular practice at the dinner table, and the goal was no interruptions while the family member or guest who was sharing spoke. Fast forward to May 2001. We were at a family event in Durham NH. After the extended family was seated, these preschoolers broke into asking their relatives to share their High Point Low Point. I recall the adults being surprised by the practice. In these uncertain times, I'm realizing how much I miss the habit of High Point Low Point, now that they are adults. It was a practice we'd been committed to for at minimum 15 years. At some point, it had faded away. That son is now a visual artist named Johnny KoeKee. That daughter is now a performing artist named Chloe-Belle. Johnny KoeKee created this Washington Home Care llc website in 2019. Today, he was patient and walked me through its' Blog Function.

Welcome to the "High Point/Low Point" blog; a day in the life of Non Medical Home Care

High Points May 1


Patricia Veiga

A resident of New Milford CT and the administrator of "CT/New York Making Mask" on Facebook. This group coordinated and donated 200 home sewn masks to Washington Home Care llc today. Patricia goes by "Paty Bella" on Facebook. Last week, the group donated a total of 980 masks and 298 caps.


Yvonne Milewski Gamelin

The co founder of All About You Collaborative Health Care Services, LLC, a resident of Litchfield County. This is an RN who tells me how it is! What does that sound like? "Sara, on the topic of Antibody testing, and positive results - what's the value? We cannot know if this means immunity. Keep distancing. Keep washing your hands. Spray all outdoor shoes down with Lysol. Keep all outdoor shoes outdoors! Consider wearing slip on slip off shoes during Covid-19. Designate indoor shoes. Hey, did I mention? Keep washing your hands."


The American Red Cross, COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Team

"Your COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma pre-qualification is complete, and you are one step closer to helping COVID-19 patients... Expect to receive a call from us in the 24 to 48 hours in order to schedule your appointment." from, scheduling team (833) 225-8017, M-F 8a-10p EDT, Sa-Sun 8a-6p EDT. Perseverance is the steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. To date, the two largest hospital systems here in CT; Nuvance Health and Hartford HealthCare cannot currently accept Convalescent Plasma from folks who've only tested w/ antibodies because a pre-qualification is having had access to the viral test while the infection was current.

Low Point May 1

The office itself is currently closed. Washington Home Care llc celebrated a Grand Opening on 12/21/2019. It is a beautiful and charming historic office. I find it a nurturing space, yet it is temporarily closed. "This too shall pass". I stop in to water plants when I drive to the PO on Washington CT Green. When I enter, I say out loud "Thank you for waiting for me. I'm grateful to you. Thank you for the vibrancy of the Grand Opening party. Thank you for your South-East exposures and bright sunlight. Thank you for synergistic sublets w/ Hospice, Skilled Nursing, an Aging Life Specialist, and a Mental Health Counselor."

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