"Pandemics, Protests, and Power outages"

It's been a while.

High-point: We have learned that we are remarkably resilient and resourceful and ...that we can be really decent neighbors be it at home or at work. I've felt heart warmed by the generosity I've witnessed with my own eyes March-current. I've observed strangers lend housing, transportation, camping gear, kayaks, canoes, campers, bicycles...I've observed "Facebook Buy Nothing" groups GIVE AWAY treasures that enrich lives during this time of physical distancing. I'm grateful to my family, friends and community for all the ways in which we are shoring one another up.

Low-point: People can act fried, frazzled, fearful and exhausted. Some are at their whits' end. They are not necessarily at the receiving end of the generosity described above. It's within us to offer them space on the roadways, sidewalks, streets, in the markets, on vacations, and to ask them how we can be of service so as to become a defuser.

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