"National Nurses Day"

High Point - May 6


Are you able to name the 1st nurse you met? Search the recesses of your mind, who do you recall as the first Nurse you met? For me, it was my mother. Yet, here we are, a full 5-decades later, none of my sisters became Nurses, yet some of my closest friends, right here in CT are nurses. I have a beloved sister-in-law who is also a Nurse, albeit she is now retired. Nurses are practical people! We can count upon nurses. We can rely upon them to be level-headed, and to quickly weigh pros and cons. Generally, a Nurse prefers order regardless of where they find themselves; be it at work or at home. Nurses nurture. The Nurses I know happen to be sweepingly creative people as well. They tend to be crafty with their hands and or interested in design, gardening, and pets. I do not know one Nurse who does not have a pet. Most nurses I know have children and are close to their parents.

Low Point - May 6


Nurses are currently experiencing remarkable stress. Who nurtures the Nurses during CV19 I wonder? I am observing them, day in, day out, as life becomes far more challenging professionally. I'm headed out soon to place crabapple PINK blooms in a tall vase to drop on a dear Nurse friend's deck. If you are a Nurse reading this, thank you greatly for your service.

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