"Letting Go"

High Point May 3

The process of letting go can refer to lots; projections, expectations, grievances, possessions. Maybe you readers are amidst this letting go too. For me, it's the peeling away of layers of excess. The letting go of this past weekend, was of... toys. I'd held onto far too much, all sitting idol, packed, stored away. I'd held on far too long. These toys were tied to fond memories and visible in many photos. The choice I'm making is to be present and engaged w/ this next generation that now towers over me. With a little help from having children home during a Pandemic, the attic is clear and one previously stocked toy closet newly sits empty. I'd been storing toys I'd projected fully engaging in with the grands. I'm in no rush for grands, yet these were the absolute favs I'd coveted. Letting go began with (2) Cedar Play sets that were disassembled and hauled off property. During a Pandemic, the letting go process has included all related to outdoor playlets; the extra slide, (3) spare swings, monkey bars as well as a 32-gallon tub of Lincoln Logs, (3) 32-gallon bins of Legos, a KLUTZ publishing collection of 35 spiral creative games, bins of drawing & painting books, and arts and crafts materials. Someone could open a pre-school with all that jazz. These past (7) weeks, I'd been observing parents of pre-schoolers and grade-schoolers and reflecting on the parenting of those ages. I'm sympathizing with their juggle while they shuffle their jobs, little to no access to their own parents, and isolation for the long run w/ young children. It was time for letting go. It felt awesome to pay it forward.

Low Point May 3

High Points and Low Points are so often related. I realize I do too little 'playing'. I was face to face with this fact as I purged. I saved the boardgames and the SpringBok puzzle collections in hopes to become disciplined to PLAY more.

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