Updated: May 4, 2020

High Point May 2

Metal & Butter There are friendships here in CT I affectionately refer to as "CT siblings". As you read this, can you vision people strolling to the forefront of your mind? My guess is, you can name them. I walk daily with one such CT sibling. The love and admiration I feel for this person and her family matches the love and admiration I feel for my own. I was raised with four siblings. My family of origin now resides in 5 states. Over the years since moving to CT, there's been time to form "CT siblings" which has become a foundation during times such a pandemic. Since March 6th, I have committed to a daily walk with one of these CT sibs. The first two weeks of our daily walk, commerce was still open, and we explored dirt pathways off the grid, along rivers, and into the woods where we'd be least likely see others in the future in the event of a state lock-down. We did not know how a state lock-down might be defined. A goal was to ensure this daily walk could continue. At onset, we'd banter and wonder out loud about our Community, State, Nation, and World in terms of existing health policies, and all we were learning about community spread. We'd admit to overwhelm. We'd share how important is was to access yet also shield ourselves from data. We'd discuss news sources and differing viewpoints. A question we asked ourselves was "Who will we choose to be during all of this?"As Spring sprung, we found ourselves normalizing a bit, reducing social circles to none other than family, yet remaining committed to these daily walks, grounding ourselves in conversations about nature in bloom, the arts, our gratitudes, mundane daily projects, and general well-being - or not. Another question we'd soon ask ourselves was "Who will we choose to become after commerce re-opens?". This commitment to our daily practice has meant the world to me. To me, this friend is tough as metal. She rarely holds back in terms of challenging me in my every response ~ in examining every motivation. This is also a friend who is soft as butter. She's able to be vulnerable too. We muse about all we do not know, all that's left to learn.

Low Point May 2

My son had chosen to shelter-in-place with (2) close college buddies in Mansfield until their lease runs out end of May. Although socially isolating w/ room-mates in their 20's, it had been (6) weeks since he visited home. Yesterday, he announced "I'm on my way home today. It's too nice out. Let's go on a family social distancing hike". The low point was the "distancing" part - no hugs.

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